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COP21 is an extraordinary Agreement by almost 200 countries to, among other things, reduce emissions, increase country capacity to cope with climate change impacts and improve transparency of every country’s emission management systems. The transparency item (Clause 13) is unique, with significant potential and capacity to ultimately induce/encourage countries to exceed their INDCs, especially those countries with strong democracies where information transparency counts and also where emissions are relatively high. There are many other items with potential to have significant impact including capacity building, technology and the overall incentive to exceed targets. I believe this is an exceptionally strong agreement, one that every country should have some satisfaction with. Not everyone gets what they want at events like this. And it’s always the case with complex agenda items that process will be long and the goals sometimes elusive but in this case the goal under Article 2 is quite clearly stated to be holding the warming to under 2 degrees C, not 2.7, and it has a detailed process to encourage achievement of the goals and more.

Anyone who thinks nothing has happened in Paris and Cop21 lacks commitment and impact should spend some time reading and understanding that Agreement and each of the major clauses, especially Items 1-21. Anyone who has an interest in drafting an agreement involving 200 countries should study the document design, scope and coverage. It is remarkable in its coverage of climate change, food security, country capacity to participate and commit, encourage participants to exceed their targets and encourage technology to come to the party.

The Agreement can be viewed at the following link:


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