Climate Change

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Climate Change

The uncertainty of projections across diverse climate indicators presents obvious challenges for managing the risks of climate change impacts. At the same time it also seems to offer potential gains for those organisations that can create and implement an effective risk management framework that provides resilience to extremes. For Australia at least the following projections will challenge many in the food supply chain:

• Increase in frequency of days over 35ºC by 2020.

• Decrease in frequency of days below 0ºC by 2020.

• Increases in intensity of heavy daily rainfall events, but with considerable spatial variation.

• Decrease over north-east Australia of the number of tropical cyclones, accompanied by an increase in intensity.

• Decreased hail frequency in certain districts.

• Increase in large hail (2cm diameter) and reduction in average recurrent interval for hail exceeding 6cm diameter in Sydney.

• More droughts over most of Australia by 2030.

• Increased frequency of extreme fire danger days (except Tasmania).

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